We are the market leader in lawn mowers,

offering a wide and diversified product line.

We have innovative, cutting-edge and efficient solutions in more than 300 different items.

Innovation in everything

Our spacious and comfortable reception area is the entryway to the company’s new stage of evolution. This new phase in Trapp’s trajectory is the result of investments that prioritize innovation in every sense. The new plant incorporated modern facilities, in a structure spanning more than 30 thousand square meters of built area. A physical space with climate-controlled areas, equipped with fully integrated and computerized operational systems, which allow for developing a new productivity dynamic at work.

Modernity andintegration

The new facilities and advanced technological resources used in the company bring its professionals together and connect them, bolstering results and offering customers products and services that exceed expectations. Trapp now has professionals who are even more motivated, integrated and committed to the company’s goals. A team that strives to increasingly innovate, evolve and improve.

Qualidade para o mundo todo

A Trapp está presente em todo o Brasil e em mais de 60 países. A qualidade dos seus produtos abre mercados, fronteiras e conquista cada vez mais a confiança de parceiros comerciais e do consumidor.

Quality for the whole world

Trapp has a presence throughout all of Brazil and in over 60 countries. The quality of its products opens markets, borders and increasingly earns the trust of commercial partners and consumers.

A technology spectacle

In its spacious showroom, Trapp brings all its product lines together in a premium space, with the best solutions for those who are demanding by nature.

Commitmentto people

Trapp is proud to produce solutions for a more sustainable life, to cultivate and preserve nature.Likewise, it maintains a healthy relationship with its employees and a commitment to their well-being. For this reason, the new facilities include a modern dining hall for 400 people and a comfortable reading room.

The professional development, satisfaction and quality of life of each individual are paramount to the company.